Top 11 Amazing Web & Graphic Design Blogs You Must Follow in 2018

For Web & Graphic designers, it is unquestionable that making an outstanding website is the primary task. At the same time, they should also use some online resources like web design and graphic design blogs to acquire more knowledge about latest trends, popular tools for UI/UX, the way of developing designs.

We always say, time is money and we love to earn money web designers spend a lot of time, but they can hardly find what exactly they need. So, I specially collect these blogs for web design inspiration for all of you my friends.

1. Smashing Magazine
2. Webdesigner Depot
3. Creative Bloq
4. Designmodo
5. 1st Webdesigner
6. U Creative
7. WebAppers
8. WebFlow
9. Vandelay Design
10. Medium
11. Nakul Anand

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